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Ukraine's First Lady spoke about fighting Russian invasion in an interview with Vogue magazine First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska gave an interview to Vogue. The President's wife spoke about Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion and her work... NAUJIENOS In Memory of MANTAS KVEDARAVICIUS | A tribute screening of MARIUPOLIS in London cinema One of the most inspiring contemporary Lithuanian documentary filmmakers Mantas Kvedaravicius was killed by Russian invaders in Mariupol at the end of March,... LAISVALAIKIS The situation is grimmer than you think | Ukrainians ask the world not to forget them Earlier this month, Ukrainians, Poles, British and Lithuanians gathered in solidarity with Ukraine at the Embassy of Lithuania in London. Many concerns... NAUJIENOS Ukraine has never threatened the security of Russia, the world must stop the war against freedom | President Zelenskyy addresses the nations of the world On March 24 it will be the month of our resistance. Heroic resistance of the Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian people to the ruthless invasion of Russia.... NAUJIENOS President Zelenskyy: Europe must do everything for Russia not to feel like the ruler of the world The European Union does not have to take up arms to fight the Russian threat - it needs to fight on the diplomatic and economic frontlines. This was stated... NAUJIENOS Lithuanian textile company becomes the first producer in the world to fully comply with Greenpeace environmental standards The global environmental organization Greenpeace has recognized SBA Group company Utenos Trikotažas as the first, and so far the only company in the world... NAUJIENOS