Gruodžio 2, 2020
London florists create eco-friendly Christmas tree alternative - Dried Flower Domes
Sisters act: Benjamina & Henrika, founders of InDeco.

Twin sisters BENJAMINA FEDARAVIČIŪTĖ & HENRIKA STASIULĖ are the faces behind luxury floral studio INDECO, founded ten years ago. Their passion for flowers flourished since they moved from Lithuania to Kent, the Garden of England. With background in fine arts, Master’s in graphic design and Bachelor’s in interiors, it isn’t just a creative team, it’s a strong sisterhood of imaginative minds, fulfilling, supporting and inspiring each other.

Lockdown wasn’t the end of the business for the creative duo. “We look at the year 2020 as a fresh start. We brainstormed, listed all possibilities, and worked through all the options we thought had even the slightest chance. We knew we had to come up with a new product to bring in another stream of revenue. And there we were, locked in our studio with all those beautiful flowers, dried and collected over the years, when we came up with the concept. We didn’t want just a product; we wanted to create something that other florists aren’t offering, something unique and beautiful to represent our passion for British flowers. But most importantly it had to be sustainable. We wanted to design something that lasts long and is very easy to look after, something what would be convenient for our busy lifestyles and would be something to enjoy for years to come, what would make a unique present for any occasion”, says Benjamina.

And that is how Dried Flower Domes were born.


How did it all begin
We moved to the UK over 20 years ago. What was supposed to be just a short summer trip turned into our new home. We both were in arts from childhood, being ten and standing in the Town Hall Square accepting an award for the best drawing was something to remember. And we both shared a dream to work together. For few years we have lived & worked in different countries doing different things, feeling that something was missing. Losing parents made us realise how fragile life is & how important family is. So finally we were back together and this time for good. A few years of experience working for other well-known florists, gaining all the confidence we needed - we took a leap & created Indeco Flowers. 

What proved to be the biggest challenge settling in the new environment
Language was the biggest barrier. We moved to the UK with little knowledge of only a few English words, it felt like learning how to start walking again.

How life in the new country aided our personal development
In a foreign country you realise that you are on your own, with very little or no family, no friends or connections to start with, if you want your dreams to come true you have to be strong and believe in yourself that anything is possible.

Highlights of our business journey so far 
There’s been many great things that happened to the Indeco sisters, we worked with some of the top diamond companies in the world, did flowers for the Royal Family, met so many amazing creatives along the way - famous photographers, art directors, world renown event stylists, created heaps of flowers on numerous occasions for magazines, but most importantly always had a choice to stay true to ourselves.

Key lessons we’ve learned along the way 
Be different, be original, be yourself.

Best piece of advice we’ve received
It was from our parents - time is precious, it’s the only thing in life you can’t get back, so spend it wisely! Do only what you love!

Where to next: our brand vision
To be better, to do better, to be 100% sustainable & hopefully to become an example for other businesses.

When we are not working… 
Everyone who owns a business knows you work 24/7. There’s not such a thing ‘when we’re not working...’ We don’t have time for ourselves but we make time for ourselves, which is absolutely essential. Exercise to stay healthy & travel to get inspired are the key elements to us.

Some of the challenges we’ve faced and how we overcame them 
Running a business equals challenges on a daily basis. But you wake up, roll up your sleeves & make the best of your day. Take one step at the time - one step closer to your dream. Our business specializes in weddings, events and flower workshops. We create flowers starting from small affairs to large-scale events. We organize and run flower workshops for companies who need team building events or private classes, we create flowers for magazines and photo shoots. Our business is all about socializing, meeting in person, discussing, teaching & creating. 

It’s fair to say that the biggest challenge we are facing is social distancing and that the year of 2020 has been the toughest year for many businesses including ours. The majority of our booked events have been postponed or cancelled and none of us know what the future holds.

During this ‘break’ we had a really good chance to sit down and rethink where we see ourselves in the next decade and how we can make our business run from this point forward or even grow it in such difficult times. It has been a good time to rethink, revalue and prioritize things in our business and personal lives too.

We’ve worked continuously on our new product to make it perfect, carefully selecting designs, themes, product shapes, color palettes, flower suppliers and of course all the packaging, making sure all of it comes from Britain. All our packaging is made in Kent from 100% recycled paper, prints are made using plant based inks and we are only using British flowers, which means a lower carbon footprint.

We learned one thing over the past year, to run a sustainable business isn’t easy let alone cheap. But we all need to do our part to help our planet thrive. It’s the small steps we take today towards our better future.

Our top productivity tool 
All social media platforms. There is our audience and followers, our biggest fans and using social media tools on a daily basis gives us much needed exposure. Keeping our audience engaged makes a real difference and has become a full-time job.

FB: @indecoflowers 
IG: @indeco_flowers
Twitter: @indecoflowers

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