Lapkričio 2, 2021
CONNECT: meet Lithuanian, Polish, Argentinean, Italian and many other businesses at the networking event in London

Prepare that elevator pitch and join Lithuanian, Polish, Argentinean, Italian, and many other businesses at London's Global Network UK event.

After the successful first event, which attracted over 150 businesses, you can be part of the next one at Raffles Club in Chelsea on the 24th of November 2021.

Global Network UK evening is jointly organized by ConfAssociazioni UK, the British Argentine Chamber Of Commerce, the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, London Connector and Polish Business Link.

Whether you are looking to raise your profile, strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas, or meet like-minded people, the event is an opportunity to mingle with the right crowd. You will meet executives and managers of large and middle-sized companies, founders and directors of SMEs and will have a chance to establish valuable connections.

"I believe that events as such is a brilliant platform for startups or already established businesses to get valuable contacts. You will have an opportunity to pitch your ideas to potential clients, buyers, partners, investors, or you can enjoy the evening while listening to other presentations and talking to attendees. I do not doubt that this event will benefit everyone in many different ways. It's great to see such a variety of businesses from many different nations worldwide and get the best of multicultural London", says Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK president Aiste Naujokaityte.

The previous edition of Global Network was sold out a few days before the event; early booking is highly recommended. You can reserve your place here:

Moments from Global Network UK event in September

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