Gegužės 7, 2020
Lithuanians in the UK. Gintare, CEO at GiGi Loves

Gintare Lisauskiene is a CEO and founder of GiGi Loves - the ultimate mobile spa and elite beauty service across the UK and internationally.

My business is

Fortunately fairly well insulated from the vagaries of the fragile world we find ourselves. The search for beauty, and the exquisite care thereof, dates back for many thousands of years. As a life choice, it has weathered many a storm – be it political, human-made or simply just of the act-of-god variety. Tried and tested it surely is. And the uglier things get, the more that people seek out the kind of head-to-toe beauty that Gigi Loves are famous for delivering.    

What challenges I’m facing

As FDR once said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. As the chief guider of Gigi Loves it’s my job to make sure that all my therapists and clients feel assured that every aspect of their safety is paramount to us. And that when dawn finally breaks, after these dark and uncertain hours, we are ready to effectively respond to the huge demand that this liberation will inevitably set free.

What opportunities I see

The future, post Covid-19, may never quite be the same again. People may well come to value the benefit of avoiding crowded places such as shopping malls and car parks in favour of being pampered within the safety and familiarity of the comfort of their own homes/offices. We expect Gigi Loves to be an integral part of this new normal – bringing out beauty by staying in!

My top productivity tool 

Nothing more high tech than speaking with people and remembering that clients ultimately know best what works for them - and that from personal interactions satisfaction blossoms the most.  

The new skill I'm learning

To keep my private and profession attention fixed on the sunny horizon rather than looking fretfully down at each and every little bump along the way thererto.

The app I've discovered and use a lot

Being in the happiness-business, technology isn’t that important to us. We use it as a tool, rather than a goal in its own right. Every moment spent in cyberspace starves one of the oxygen of real-life people-to-people sharing. The phone, the sound of a person’s voice, and the warmth of laughter are the most valuable way to connect to those that love our services.

I’m reading

I find, when the “now” becomes a little too frenetic, the past is a wonderful place to go on holiday - and Jane Austin is the consummate travelling companion. So, currently, my collector’s edition of Pride and Prejudice is never far from my side.

What I'm doing to overcome anxiety

Stress is a mental condition that can’t truly be ameliorated by even more anxious thought. To achieve that, it requires one to enlist the help of the whole body. And the best way to get this conversation going is a healthy dose of physical exertion – sweat washes the mind even as it drips from the forehead. So I keep myself active with long walks in the quiet of the countryside (fortunate as I am); and follow an energetic workout regime every other day that stimulates my muscles while relaxing my mind.  

Let’s keep in touch:
Instagram @_gigiloves_

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