Lapkričio 11, 2018
World’s first natural amber sauna opens in Lithuania

Three tons of natural Baltic amber used to make world’s first natural amber sauna located in Lithuania. Ceilings, walls and even sauna beds are covered with natural amber. Featuring a cosy and luxurious amber room, sauna, named the Sun, is the first in the world opened to the public, covers area of 22 square meters and comfortably fits up to 15 people at the time. 

Visitors will find the Sun at the recreation and health complex  Atostogų Parkas, near Lithuania’s seaside town Palanga. The installation process of the amber sauna lasted nearly a year – there were thorough studies and discussions with experts on the best possible ways to use healing power of amber, called the Baltics gold. „The main goal for us was to use such useful mineral as amber for the benefits of human’s health. Almost after a year of scientific research, we have the result we were after. The interaction between amber and infrared rays – is the answer”, says the amber sauna creator and director of Atostogų Parkas Ričardas Jovaiša.

According to R. Jovaiša, amber acid (succinic acid), released by infrared rays, leaves a significant impact on our well-being and health. Amber also makes surroundings aesthetically pleasant, extremely warm and bright.

Amber (fossilized tree resin) formed 35 - 140 mln. years ago and has amber acid (Succinic acid). The human body produces a small amount of amber acid, wherefore with increased physical and physiological activities the recourses of succinic acid are rapidly reduced and the immune system is weekend, leaving tiredness and apathy. Amber acid passes into the body through a diffusion method, in contact with amber, being massaged with amber or very small parts of it can be inhaled. 

University of Hamburg, Germany, has confirmed that amber can have a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

With the help of infrared rays in a natural amber sauna, the human body quickly warms up, relaxes and more easily absorbs useful properties of amber through the skin and by inhalation: stimulates metabolic processes, suppresses various inflammations, and improves blood circulation.

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