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12 reasons to visit Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, where the spirit of Christmas is just magical

Paris is so last year and sorry Trafalgar Square.

1. Christmas tree

The capitals Christmas tree on Cathedral Square is sure to get you into the festive spirit! Last season The Guardian nominated Lithuania’s capital Christmas tree as one of the most beautiful in the world. This year they did it again: The tree is illuminated by 50,000 lightbulbs, its 27 metres tall and is surrounded with over 50 market stalls decorated as cosy wooden houses. It sure beats that Trafalgar Square and looks like something from a fairy tale

 2. Interstellar travel

You don’t have to be Matthew McConaughey to appear between stars. Cosmos Milky Way is a unique, its the only place in the Baltics, where you can dip into the space, stop for a moment on the edge of galactic and look at the countless stars. It is a mirror room that creates a feeling of infinity through the light elements. Inside you can hear the sound of earth. All the elements create limitless sense of space. While standing inside for 4 minutes, you feel as if you are travelling on foot to the magic braided Milky Way. {price: adults – 2 EUR}. More info:
3. Snow!
The most beautiful Christmas decoration. Unfortunately you cannot really buy it, or order it when and where you want it. However, when we were recently visiting Vilnius it was all under the cover of white snow. A real winter wonderland. Best things in life are free.

4. Sweet heaven

Paris is so last year! Best éclairs, macaroons and variety of pastries are actually in Vilnius center. Ali Chocolate café is a must visit and salted caramel éclair is a must try, in my opinion there is none better!
5. Forest in the middle of the town
You don’t have to travel miles to walk around pines. Well, maybe not pines but it is a real forest in Vingis Park - the largest park in Vilnius, Lithuania. Located at a curve in the Neris River, it covers 162 hectares (400 acres). It is used as a venue for various events, especially concerts and sports competitions.
6. Café shops
Forget Starbucks. Such a delicious coffee served with spoonful of inspirational messages. Try
7. Window shopping
Lelija. WTF? Lelija. WTF?
Du Broliai - 2015 Christmas memories. Du Broliai - 2015 Christmas memories.

While some shops choose a rather ghostly and weird approach (Lelija is apparently biggest garment manufacturer in Lithuania), others attract visitors in a more festive manner.
8. V is for vintage
Go for open fire ant vintage experience at The Old Green House. Beautiful atmosphere, lots of vintage photos and downstairs basement even has a cigar lounge.
9. Magical fountains and winter gardens
10. And hidden gems
Salionas - one of the best cocktail bars in VIlnius {K. Sirvydo street 6}. 

11. Upper Castle

Gediminas' Tower (Gedimino pilies bokštas) is the remaining part of the Upper Castle. You can get to the castle either by cable car or by taking the steep climb up the hill. However you get there you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Vilnius from the Castle walls. If you wait until after sunset you can’t find any more romantic place to take in the views of the city and stars, while in each others arms.

12. The Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral

View from bell tower. View from bell tower.

Do you have a head for heights? If you do then why not try the bell tower climb. You will need to negotiate, the stairs, then ladders to scale to the top of the tower. Just when you think you have got to the top, you will see that there is one more set of ladders to go! But believe me the extra effort is worth it, once you get to the top you can see all the way down the center of the tower, plus if your lucky enough to time your climb with the ringing of the bells you will get to hear them up close and personal. I would suggest earplugs, as they can be quite loud.
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