Birželio 9, 2022
London will host Lithuania's award-winning performance "Sun & Sea"
© Foto: Emmalisa Pauly.

Lithuania's opera-performance "Sun and Sea", which was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Art Biennale in 2019, will be presented in London for the first time.

Staged on an indoor beach at the Albany from 23 June – 10 July, this durational work will unfold on a loop over several hours. Audiences will watch from the balcony as dozens of performers bring the scene below to life. At first appearing to present a vision of a mundane afternoon at the beach, at the heart of Sun & Sea lies an urgent exploration of our relationship with the planet, the threat climate change presents and the dangers we face if it is ignored.

A crowded beach, the burning sun, bright bathing suits and sweaty brows and legs. Tired limbs sprawling lazily across a sea of towels. The rumble of a volcano, or of an airplane, or a speedboat. The squeal of children, laughter, the sound of an ice cream van in the distance. Sunbathers sing languid songs of worry, of boredom, of almost nothing. Songs of early morning flights and half-eaten sandwiches in the sand, the crinkling of plastic bags whirling in the air then floating silently, jellyfish-like below the waterline.

Stories that glide between the mundane, the sinister and the surreal. Witness from above as an afternoon at the beach reveals a mesmerising exploration of the relationship between us and our planet.

Lithuania’s national entry for the 2019 Venice Biennale with an all-female creative team – visual artist and composer Lina Lapelyte (she/her)̇, writer and poet Vaiva Grainytė (she/her) and film/theatre director Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė (she/her), Sun & Sea received the festival’s top award, the Golden Lion for Best National Participation.

Curated by Lucia Pietroiusti (she/her), founder of the General Ecology project at Serpentine, the work has toured the world. Notable presentations include BAM (New York), New European Theatre Festival (Moscow), MOCA (Los Angeles), Teatro Argentina (Rome), Zurcher Theaterspektakel as well as presentations in Athens, Bentonville, Copenhagen, Hanover, Luckenwald, Malmo and Philadelphia.

The UK premiere of Sun & Sea is presented by LIFT, the Albany and Serpentine as part of LIFT 2022, Back to Earth and We Are Lewisham.

We Are Lewisham is presented by Lewisham Council in partnership with the Albany. London Borough of Culture is a Mayor of London initiative.

Supported by the Embassy of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

More information and tickets:

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